8 Reasons to Use Your Cell Phone Less

Reasons to Use Your Cell Phone Less

Can’t get your hands off your cell phone? Oh no! You have unknowingly become a slave to this device. Be it for information, entertainment, friends, discussions or even attention, while the younger generation might not think much of it, being addicted to a mobile phone can be potentially harmful. Here are some reasons you should use your cell phone less.

1. You should develop your true interests

Very often you forget that there exists a world outside your cell phone. Just dump the phone at home, take a long walk, introspect and get to know what you really want from your life. Discover what sparks you off and pursue it with all your heart. The cell phone is not going to bring out the painter or businessman in you, right?

2. You should focus more on personal interactions

Can you hug your dad and feel his reassuring strength around you through the phone? Can you high-five your best pal on a funny joke? Can you kiss your mom goodnight over the phone? These are small gestures that play a big role in life. cell phones just snatch these precious things away. While they may be necessary for keeping in touch, being continuously on the phone can turn you away from personal, face to face interactions.

3. You should maintain the essence of a language

‘Is dat d way u spel ‘nite’?’ This is what happens when you ‘speak’ in SMS language. You tend to use the same kind of words when you are normally conversing or writing. Every language has its own integrity. You’ll just ruin your vocabulary and lose touch with correct grammar by using these short terms.

4. Outdoor games take a backseat

Thousands of gaming applications are now available for use on cell phones. With their growing popularity, your laziness will just grow too. You’ll not only spoil your eyesight because of them but you’ll also stop going out and playing actual, energy-boosting games like football, cricket, badminton and the likes. Physical activity and consequently your health simply goes for a toss because of cell phones.

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