Top 10 Curtain Ideas To Enhance The Beauty Of Your Home

Top 10 Tips For Curtains To Enhance Beauty Of Your Home

They dominate the look of any room. They are one of the first things that catch your eyes. They are also the ones which leave a lasting impression in your mind. They can make or break your decor. You know what I’m talking about – Curtains. Fasten your seat belts – I’m going to take your imagination on a wild ride with some fantastic ideas to add life to your house. Let’s take a look at my top 10 curtain ideas for your lovely home.

1. Patterned window curtains

I know a friend who loves warm earthy tones and has recently renovated her home. I had a chat with her on the phone and she’s like “All my rooms are painted with a single soft beige or brown tone and give a very homely feel.” I went to her place a few days back expecting dullness. Was wrong! Her rooms were full of excitement because of superb use of patterned curtains. For each room, she had chosen strong and solid patterns – majority being long stripes and a few other geometrical designs. Dominant colors had been used – one of the rooms that stood out and was camera ready had dark orange, brown and yellow stripes used with a background of light brown walls. I suggest that if you like such warm and earthy tones, spice up your rooms with patterned curtains.

2. Tab top with a twist

One shot two kills! Tab tops are modern, stylish and give you more freedom to be creative. Do you have a spanking brand new home? I recommend that you add a twist to the normal tab top by adding a sleek mold to the two ends of your rod. Keep the theme of the mold going and use it in the design of your curtains too. This adds intensity and depth to your curtains. Wait, I’m getting to the second kill. Is your home old, maybe a bit run down? If you don’t want to spend big bucks on renovating that whole place tab top curtains are a great way to spice up the old joint. For this, add a mold to the end of the rod – but make sure that the mold suits the raw and worn down look of the other interiors. Use bold colors that are in sync with other tones around it.

3. Cheap brown curtains

I bite my tongue as I say cheap, brown and sexy. The mantra ‘keeping it simple’ is quite the style these days. Take this idea to your architect or designer and ask them to give a little twist. If you have plain white walls, I suggest trying out a solid metal curtain road and a thick but simple brown fabric for the curtain. Use a sharp angle to hold the rod to the wall. This setup will be minimalistic in terms of the materials used but will give a lot of depth and character to the room.

4. Bold colors on a tight budget

On a tight budget? Yeah I know what it feels like. Before you start pulling your hair out over choosing the right curtains, think bold and think bright. Minimalistic decor is the ‘in-thing’ and can also save you a few bucks. If you are working with tight funding, my advice is to use white or very light color tones on your walls, and team this up with bold and bright colors for your curtains. I warn you – if you are looking for a traditional look, this is not for you. Red, dark green, dark purple, gold – these are some colors that designers are using to amplify the visual effect of rooms which have minimalistic decor. What is your color?

5. Curtain tracks

I think of large rooms and large bay windows when I talk about curtain tracks. Picture this – a large lounge room with long corner windows that flow with the curvature of the walls. It is very typical to have two sets of curtains on each side. Have you thought of giving this a little twist by having one single curtain track along the curvature of the wall? This will give a larger than life feel to your windows and amplify your external view. My thoughts – I would not recommend this for 90 degree angles. I suggest that you try this with subtle angles.

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