10 Ways to Prepare for Important Exams and Tests

 Ways to Prepare for Important Exams and Tests

Freaking out because examinations are fast approaching will now be a thing of the past. Here are the best ways to come out with flying colors, people. Use these simple ways to prepare for important exams and tests.

1. Understand the concepts

Try and understand the concepts of the subject. Mugging up will not do you any good. You forget even a single point, your whole answer comes crashing. Get your teacher, friend, siblings or parents to make you learn the basics. Understand it, retain it and write it in your own words!

2. Solve past papers

This is really effective. You’ll not only get used to the pattern of questions being asked but you’ll also realize how much time you are spending on one particular question. Don’t forget to time these practice versions. That’s how you’ll know whether you will be able to finish up on time or not.

3. Use visual representations

Drawing flow charts, diagrams, outlines of your study material can really help you remember better during exams. While revising, condense your notes into single page diagrams or just a few pointers and see how well you recall them during the actual exam.

4. Avoid junk food

You might feel as though you deserve a treat after having put in so many hours of study and revision. But, make sure you steer clear of those pizzas, burgers, fries and anything junk. They’ll just lower your concentration levels, making you sluggish and sleepy. Eat foods that enhance memory like nuts, fish, yogurt, seeds, fresh apples and blueberries.

5. Study in advance

Don’t start studying today if your exams are scheduled tomorrow. Leaving all for the last minute will only make you more nervous and confused. Instead, start preparing at least three weeks prior to your exams. Give yourself enough time to process what you’ve read. You’ll also know which subjects to give more time to. So, have a schedule and organize your study days.

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