10 Reasons Why Guys Like Shy Girls

10 Reasons Why Guys Like Shy Girls

So are you freaking scared that you are a shy girl and will never attract a guy’s attention? Do your over talkative friends give you a inferiority complex? Do you feel like you are nobody among your buddies because you don’t add much to the conversation? Well stop worrying and start loving yourself because here are a few of the many reasons why boys like shy girls:-

1. Like a Mysterious Box

Since shy girls don’t talk much, they are like a mystery to the boys. That definitely attracts them to the girls because they want to know more about such girls.

2. Talking less is an Asset

Guys rarely like girls who never stop talking. Guys sometimes appreciate silence. Hence, guys get attracted to shy girls who more than often hesitate to talk.

3. Are more attractive

Shy nature brings the innocence on face. If shy girls team that up with grace, all the guys will want to talk to them. Their sweetness and fragility will draw the boys toward them.

4. Not so easy to understand

Life of an aggressive female is generally like an open book. Guys are attracted to girls who are not very predictable. They are never sure how to impress a shy girl and that’s what drives them more crazy.

5. Are different

Girls who are open and aggressive are the ones who are tomboy types. These girls can be very good friends, but guys don’t get attracted to them. Guys like girls who are different. That’s exactly what being shy makes you.

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