6 Reasons that Provoke Him to Cheat

Reasons that Provoke Him to Cheat

There are a lot of people who are convinced that men just cannot be monogamous and then there is the majority that is convinced that monogamy is a way of life and one has to be attached and committed to a single person for the duration of the relationship. Barring what other people think, a relationship can succeed only if the two people involved see eye to eye. You can either be hard on him for cheating on you or you can forever live with the fear that one day he might cheat on you. Instead of focusing on him and the reasons he would use to cheat on you, you should also start thinking about how you could possibly be contributing to his behavior. As much as it is difficult to understand and accept, you might be the culprit many a times that is making him to cheat on you. Here are some of the reasons that provoke him to cheat on you.

1. You cheated on him

Chances are that you may have cheated on him. He cannot let it go and the only way for him to get over with your cheating is to cheat on you with someone else or a lot of women. Sometime apologies do not work and he will have to cheat on you to get it out of his system.

2. You stay away from him a lot

If you have a work that takes you out of town for long periods of time or if your work makes you stay late in the office and work into the late hours, he would feel left out and empty. Sometimes he would cheat just to fill the void left behind in your absence.

3. You no longer want to have sex with him

Sometimes a couple can drift apart because they are not having enough sex. If for some reason, you have been avoiding sex and he is not getting any action for a long period of time, he becomes quite vulnerable when another woman lavishes her attention on him. He himself would not be surprised if he cheats on you in such circumstances.

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