6 Things to Know About an Aquarius Man

Things to Know About an Aquarius Man

Born between the January 20 and February 18, the Aquarian may be quite overwhelming when you get to date him first. You can never really get used to all his ways, but you will definitely be entertained for as long as you are together. Here are a few things to know about an Aquarius man if you are interested in one or if you want to date one. Even if you are already dating an Aquarian, it does not hurt much to know more about him and what to expect over the course of your relationship with him. Listed here are some things to know about an Aquarius man.

1. Independent

An Aquarian is very independent. He will either flee or dump you if you try to curtail his freedom in any way. It is not just you, but he will try his best to stay away from a job, a person or any situation that comes between him and his freedom. If you want him to be happy and also keep you happy, let him live life on his terms. Never dictate things to him. He will hate it even if he loves you a lot.

2. Humanitarian

The humanitarian aspect or side of the Aquarian is very well pronounced. He is the guy who will not think twice about volunteering in a war torn region or helping out poor kids in his block. If he has to choose between taking you out to a fancy dinner or volunteer in a soup kitchen, he would be happy taking you to the soup kitchen.

3. Inventive and original

The Aquarian is full of inventive and original ideas, forever hatching plans to change the world or at least a small part of the world that he inhabits. Although his plans may sound grandiose, he is very sincere about it and will eventually convince you of his plans and also end up making a change of some sort.

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