6 Things Women Fear About Marriage

6 things women fear about marriage

Looking at the number of women who choose to stay un married or who are just happy to be in a relationship but don’t feel the need to get married, people wonder what is happening. It is like debunking the myth that women are always the ones who want to get hitched. It is also a popular belief that women have no fears about getting married and fall headlong into it while men are racked with a lot of fears before taking the plunge. The truth is that both men and women have their own fears about marriage and sometimes it is the same things that scare them. Here are a few things that women fear about marriage.

1.Loss of independence

Just like a man thinks that marriage would kill his independence and his way of life, a woman feels the same. When she is well off by herself and has a great career going for herself, she would not want to get into something that would be a threat to the life she is used to.

2.Career problems

No matter how hard anyone tries, the career of a married woman always takes a hit. There may be a few exceptions but that needs herculean effort. When a woman has great things going on in her career she would of course think twice about getting married and putting a break on that. The uncertainties over her job after her wedding are a major fear among women today.

3.The fear of cheating or being cheated on

The truth is that there are a lot of temptations out there and it is easy to fall into the extramarital affair trap when you have problems in the marriage. This fear of cheating on the husbands and the fear that the husband might have an affair and break their hearts are also fears that keep the women away from marriage.

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