7 Reasons Why Christmas Season is the Best

 Reasons Why Christmas Season is the Best

Merry Christmas! It’s that magical time of the year when you have holidays and can get together with family and friends to celebrate the festive season. In the midst of winter, with snow falling around, children building snowmen and pelting each other with snowballs; when the shops and churches are beautifully decorated; when the city’s skyline is scintillatingly illuminated; when you have fun shopping for gifts, picking up good bargains, baking cakes and cookies; when youngsters need no excuse to stay up late and party; when the good Samaritans make a special effort to do their good deed for those who are less fortunate; when children go about singing carols; that the peace of Xmas blesses one and all. Here are 7 reasons why Christmas season is the best of all.

1. Children’s secret wishes

For the children, it’s time to make their secret wishes to Santa Claus. Santa is there at many shops to gift sweets to the little ones, who often climb aboard his lap and whisper their secret desires to him.

2. Santa and his reindeer

It is when children dream happily of Santa riding across the sky with his reindeer, with the red-nosed Rudolph leading the way, coming to their homes, and leaving their desired gift for them.

3. Time to string your presents

It’s the time when you buy your Christmas tree, place it in your living room and decorate it, hanging up figurines, streamers, angels, holly, wreaths of evergreen foliage and the inevitable stockings filled with gifts for your loved ones.

4. The mistletoe

Mistletoe– an excuse for kissing! An old belief was that when someone kissed under the mistletoe, the two would get married. Another reason why Christmas is the best.

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