6 Important Tips to Give Your Children Before They Leave for College

6 Important Tips to Give Your Children Before They Leave for College

Going to college is a life changing experience not only for the students but also their parents. Parents naturally have their set of fears when their children are ready to take on the world and leave the nest. You know that from hereon, your child would have to become a responsible person accountable to society. Make sure you let them off with these important tips.

1. Be proactive about your future

If your child has to make a good future after college, he or she will have to be more than just active; they need to be proactive. Earning good grades and staying out of trouble isn’t enough because akin to real life, they need to build relationships with people who matter. Your child has to be proactive about landing an internship, a scholarship and ultimately a job. A good start is meeting with the dean or chairperson of his or her department. Such people will often have tips and information on internships, scholarships, and career exploration.

2. Don’t get carried away by the partying

Most students have a set image of college life in their heads. They think it is all about partying, alcohol, dating and in short, having the time of their lives. While going for a party or two over the weekend is permissible. But make them understand that you want them to build a good life for themselves and partying is momentary satisfaction just like junk food is; neither help in the long run called life. So make it clear that if they perpetually waste their time having a good time instead of concentrating on what really college is for, they would fail at life.

3. Get involved in various extra curricular activities

There are a host of groups, clubs, course, internships, part time jobs and the likes for your child to be occupied with and hone his or her skills. Encourage them to enroll themselves in extra curricular activities which will give them experience as well as enjoyment and a sense of responsibility.

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