7 Fun Wedding Gift Ideas

7 Fun Wedding Gift Ideas

The biggest danger about buying wedding gifts is that everyone’s gift ends up being very similar. Assuming that most couples are in the process of setting up their new house, family and guests typically gift the couple some household items, watches, perfumes, a customary bottle of wine, a Feng Shui goodwill object or a painting to brighten the walls. To steer clear of these conventional wedding gift ideas, read on.

1. Wedding Scrapbook

If you are very close to the couple getting married or if you are a family member who has access to the couple’s childhood photos, anecdotes from their parents and so on, your best gift idea for their wedding would be to create a wedding scrapbook. If you are from the bride’s side, gather all possible photos from her childhood, write down funny and embarrassing stories from her school and college days told by her friends and decorate it to make it look pretty. Ask someone from the groom’s side to make a similar scrapbook for the groom and on the day of the wedding, you can present it to them together on behalf of the whole family. You can also choose to create an online scrapbook or a powerpoint presentation that can be shown on the day of their wedding. Make sure to use lots of photos in whatever you choose to make.

2. Coupons for Honeymoon

Couples and their families always feel the crunch on their pockets by the end of the wedding with all the celebrations throwing them a hefty bill. A thoughtful gift idea for their wedding would be to first figure out where they are going for the honeymoon, and then find out about good restaurants and hotels in that place from the Internet or the travel agent. The next step would be to order online coupons for the couple which they could later encash on reaching the honeymoon destination. Imagine how relieved and happy they would be to find out that you have already paid their bill. You could also book a dinner table for them in a classy restaurant at their honeymoon destination.

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3. Set of DVDs

The couple will have predictably received many household and kitchen items as gifts. You can present them an eclectic mix of DVDs with titles ranging from genres of romance, comedy, world cinema, thrillers, experimental and musicals. This will ensure they get into a cosy and comfortable movie-watching routine every night before they go to bed.

4. A Personalized Jigsaw Puzzle Set

A very unconventional but really nice gift idea for a wedding would be a personalized jigsaw puzzle set. You can order a puzzle set online which features a romantic photo of the couple together. At first, the couple will get confused but when they come to know that its their photo they have to put together, they will love it. The more difficult it is, all the more challenging. The good thing about the puzzle set is that it is very addictive and it will force the couple to spend quality time together whilst they are doing the puzzle even once their busy work life begins. And once they do finish the puzzle, they can frame it and display it in their living room as their labour of love.

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