5 Pranks To Play On Friends For April Fool’s Day

Pranks To Play On Friends For April Fool's Day

Have you decided what prank you would play on your friends this April fool’s day? Some funny pranks may surely make them laugh and some may even scare them. Listed are some pranks to play on your friends for April fool’s day. Read on to know more on this.

1. Spill some milk

If you wish to scare your friend with the gadget your friend uses, then there is a simple trick. Take some white glue and well spill it on the butter paper. Let it dry for some time. You can use a blow dryer for the same. That should look like the spilled milk. Now, slowly pick that up from the paper, you must do this in a very careful way. Just keep the white glue spilled milk you made on your friend’s laptop or the tab your friend uses. Now, see the classic expression on your friend’s face. Your friend would not only get scared but may also scream looking at that so called spilled milk for sure.

2. A fake hair color

Just bring a fake hair color from the market. It is available if you wish to play a prank on your friend. If your bestie loves to use hair colors like every time, then this can come really handy in that case. Just give your bestie that color and coax him or her to apply the same. When your bestie would do that the fake hair color would do the trick. Just scream that it was an April fool’s prank. Your bestie may even give you a beating after this prank of yours, so be ready for that fun.

3. Use toilet paper

Well, do something interesting with your friend’s shoe. Just take a roll of toilet paper and some plastic along with it. Now, put that in your friend’s shoe. Well, choose a sport shoes that your friend wears on a casual basis. When your friend would wear those shoes, there would be something so uncomfortable. Your friend will surely hit you for your funny prank. Your friend may also trick you after this prank of yours, so you need to be ready for this as well.

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