7 Tips For Landing Your First Teaching Job

7 Tips For Landing Your First Teaching Job

With a market that is saturated and the government cutting down on federal budgets and public education, it has become all the more difficult to find teaching jobs. With even experienced teachers getting fired or made substitutes, you have to make sure that you are fully qualified to earn your position.

1. Get advanced degrees in your chosen field of education.

A master’s degree alone is not sufficient to get hired these days. Work on getting other certificates or diploma’s that would make you more qualified than the other people who are applying for the same position.

2. Previous experience working with kids

If you are applying for a teaching job in a school, it helps if you have previous experience dealing with kids, like working in a community center or a juvenile home. This way, you’re your inexperience in a teaching job could be overlooked.

3. Publications

Always publish what you have written. This is an absolute necessity, the more respected journals your paper is published in, the more opportunities you will get to teach and the chances of you getting hired will improve.

4. References

Always get a good reference from your professors and other teachers. If possible, get a good reference from other people who know you professionally like the warden in a juvenile home or other places. Ask them to list out your strengths and capabilities in specific terms.

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