Where Did April Fool’s Day Come From

Where Did April Fool's Day Come From

There are many theories that state the reasons for celebrating the April fool’s day. But, there is no significant proof as why it is truly celebrated in time. Are you aware where did April fool’s day actually come from? Listed are some possible reasons that may give you an answer, so read on.

1. Turn of events

In the old centuries, people used to believe that there should be a day to celebrate the start of spring season. And, many believed that 1st April should be that day. So, it was a day to celebrate the turning of events that led to spring summer time. There were many celebrations that led to this day and that led to beginning of spring time. Different cultures in the different parts of the world gave this a name. Like, in Rome it is called as Hilaria. And, in India it is called as Holi, which is onset of another season.

2. The calendar theory

Another calendar theory which marks the significance of April fool’s day started in France. Many people used to follow a different calendar which marked April 1st as the start of the New Year. While other people challenged the same and there was a start of a debate. People who believed that 1st April was actually a new year were called as fools. And, thus this whole concept of celebrating the April fool’s day originated. This event was relevant back in the 15th century in ancient France. The calendar theory led to many other things as well to follow.

3. A lie day

As the tradition of April fool’s picked up with time, different countries started celebrating the same. In Brazil, people used to call it as the lie day. A day when you actually lie to people by playing pranks on them. A day when you can make fun and no one can really get back to you for the same. Brazil had also declared this an official day when you can lie and play pranks on people all around you. Making a fool and playing pranks on other people can also be a lie. That is why Brazil calls it a lie day.

4. As a fool’s day

Well, due to many theories in time, April fool’s is now an official day all over the world. In the U.S too it is celebrated as a prank day or a fool’s day. Though, there is no holiday as it is not a day with historic significance, still many people manage to have fun this day. They play prank on their family members and friends.

Many co-workers also join the league to play pranks in the office. Bigger companies like Google and Yahoo also indulge in April fool’s fun as a part of the celebration. The day of April fool also marks the hoax day. Bigger hoaxes also make people scared so that depends on the type of hoax.

There is no specific proof as to where April fool’s day comes from. But, yes some facts of the past can give you a clue about the prank day that is celebrated on the 1st of April every year.

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