7 Movies That Prove Nothing Is Greater Than A True Friend

7 Movies That Prove Nothing Is Greater Than A True Friend

A movie depicts the real picture of our life. Movies depict every emotion in life. Love, betrayal and friendship are the most common ones. Listed are some cool movies that prove nothing is greater than a true friend. So, watch the movies with your friend to share the message of your true friendship. Read on to know more.

1. Clueless

The bond between three friends is what the movie is about. How two friends change the life of a third friend by helping her in whatever way. This is a classic tale of transformation where two friends help the third one. So, the message is quiet clear, a true friend is always there for you in life, no matter where you go.

2. Crossroads

A tale of three best friends forever! It is a story of friends who had different dreams and aspirations. But, how they help each other to achieve their dream is the focus of the story. A story of realization and achieving what is impossible with the help of your friends. It’s a heart touching tale about true friends in life.

3. Legally blonde

Your best friend will help you to deal with anything that is on your mind and any problem in your life. Legally bond is one such story that shows how a true friend can help you deal with your relationship and breakup blues. A true friend will also help to seek revenge against your ex to keep you happy is the main plot of the movie. Do watch it with your friend to realize your friendship.

4. Mean girls

Everyone goes through different shares of ups and downs in friendship. And, many times you also experience sought of jealousy too. Mean girls is a story of two friends who feel the same when someone else becomes popular in their school. This is a classic tale of friendship, which will take you to an emotional roller coaster ride for sure.

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