5 Signs That He Is Not Husband Material

5 Signs That He Is Not Husband Material

Marriages are made in heaven. Yes, that’s true but these days it’s hardly easy to get a guy with heavenly traits. All men we come across are devilish in some way or the other. So it’s not an easy task to find a man who is complete marriage material for you. In fact, you can be very comfortable with the guy you are dating, but it is not necessary that he would be your perfect life partner. Here are some signs showcasing what traits don’t suit a marriageable man which clearly say that he is not marriage material.

1. He is satisfied with his current position

You may find him Mr. Perfect, but if you see that he is not taking any initiative to improve his life in any way, it is a great sign of a relationship failure. When he is not concerned about his future life, how can you expect that you will be happy with him?

2. He is out of commitment

He is evasive when you talk about serious commitment. This is because he is not serious about the relationship and doesn’t want it to be long term. He is not devoting his time, he is least concerned about the problems and he is not in any mood of discussing about it. He has other important issues to solve excluding your problems.

3. He says no to a long term relationship

He thinks that it is a big deal that he has been in a six month relationship. He doesn’t want to prolong the relationship any further and is eager to move on. This is one of the signs regarding the guy you’re dating and where your relationship is heading. You can never be with a person who wants to be in a relationship for two or three months. So if you find your guy has the same views, back off before disaster hits.

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