6 Ways To Live A Happy Life This Year

6 Ways To Live A Happy Life This Year

Happiness is that elusive dream that is never permanent. The most we get close to attaining happiness is in bits and pieces, now and then. It is then followed by periods of normalcy or sadness. One cannot be happy by oneself. Being happy involves you making an effort and letting others make you happy later. Like Dunne said, no man is an island and happiness too is to a large extent dependent on other people. Staying happy is good for your physical as well as your mental health as both are interconnected. Instead of worrying over petty issues and stressing about things we can do very little about we should try and find ways to be happy. Here are some ways to live a happy life this year.

1. Be Positive

The first thing one needs to do in their pursuit of happiness is to stay positive about things. Only when you stay positive and take things in a light hearted way can you be happy. A person can be sad even when things are going well around them and wallow in self-pity when it is not needed. Having positive thoughts will drive away the negativity in life and it is one of the first steps you need to take to be happy.

2. Do not have ill-feelings about others

When you have ill-feelings about others such as hatred or jealousy you will be spending a lot of time thinking about them and not about you. A lot of your free time would be spent plotting against them and becoming deeply unhappy when things do not go your way. When what you wish against them does not come true, you are going to feel sad and frustrated and can never be happy.

3. Be in a job that makes you happy

As you spend most of your working hours at work, it becomes an integral part of your life and in you being happy. When you have an unsatisfying job it makes you unhappy and can make you snap at people. To be happy in life or at least be happy about one aspect of life, you need to find a job that makes you happy. At some point in your life you need to decide between happiness and money and it staying in a lousy job means you are unhappy, it is time you quit and looked for something more fulfilling.

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