How to Turn a Man On? 10 Fun Ways to Try Out

How To Turn A Man On? 10 Fun Ways To Try Out

Ooh la la, ladies! Don’t you imagine what you can do to turn your man on? Won’t you want to make all his dreams and fantasies come true? We are sure, you definitely do! And here we’ve got many fun ways for you to take your man on a sensual ride he will never forget.

1. Take a bath together

To rekindle the romance in your lives, just take a steamy bath together. Your man will surely love it. Also, you taking the initiative will turn him on quickly. Suggest him that it’s a long time since you’ve been together. He will seem confused when you say this. Then go upto him, hold his hand and say, “I want to be with you, honey. Let’s take a bath.”

2. Give him a massage

Nothing works more than a sensual massage to your man. Tell him the sweetest things in his ears while you are massaging him. However, there’s one prerequisite: He can’t touch you while you give him a massage. This will make the scene more romantic.

3. Wear something sexy

Men are visual creatures, you all know that. So if you wear something that’s visually stimulating, it’s bound to get your man crazy. Saving that sexy piece of lingerie for some other special day or night will do you no good. Instead, create that special moment yourself.

4. Create a romantic scene

Talking on the subject of creating moments, this one is good for spicing up your love life. For instance, you can take him to a secluded beach in the middle of the night and set up your romantic scene with flowers, decorations, candles and his choice of food. If a beach idea is not possible for you, you can even do the same in your backyard.

5. Do a striptease just for him

Hmm, this might require a bit more effort and guts on your side. But hey, don’t you wish to turn your man on? So go ahead and do a sensuous striptease for your man.

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