Why Celebrate April Fool’s Day

Why Celebrate April Fool's Day

If you love to celebrate the April fool’s day, then you must also know the reasons for that celebration. Why is it the official day to play a prank on people? Why people make fun of each other on the first of April. Listed are some reasons why celebrate April fool’s day. Read on to know more.

1. The thought of celebration

Well, it dates back to old centuries when people used to follow the Julian calendar. It started off from a debate in France when people wanted April 1st as the start of a new year. They also demanded to change the calendar year from first of Jan to first of April. This then sparked off a debate and issue. People who proposed this were called as fools by others. They made a mockery of the dates and calendars. So, 1st April was declared as the fool’s day and it typically started off from France to be precise.

2. It is still a worldwide holiday

Many countries declare 1st of April as a holiday. Not only France, but there are countries like England and Canada which also joined the tradition of April fool’s holiday. So, it is more like a holiday for the official prank day. There are many people in Scotland who still celebrate the April fool’s day for two days. One day is for the official prank played on people and call them a fool. And, the second day is for the back side plan. So, with time the relevance of April fool’s day also increased. You should also celebrate it with fun.

3. Names and people

April fool’s day gives a reason to celebrate it with names in different parts of the world. Well, in France where it first originated, April fool’s day is also called as the April fish day or Poisson d avril. In Scotland, April fool’s day is called as the official cuckoo day and all the victims of the pranks are called as the cuckoos. In the ancient Rome, April fool’s was also called as the Hilaria. Different versions of different names for the same day give you a good enough reason to celebrate this day of fun, right?

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