April Fool’s Day Facts

April Fool's Day Facts

Do you know that April fool’s day is an official day when you can make fun of people? Let us take a look at some interesting facts about April fool’s day. Read on to know more on this.

1. The tradition

Do you know the origin of April fool’s day? Some people believe that it actually started in France. Though, there is no proof for the same, but people believed that it was France who actually started the custom of making a fool of people around. The tradition then slowly picked up with time, and it was then called as the April fool’s day.

2. The tradition in Scotland

Well, April fool’s day was a two day affair in Scotland. You heard that right! People of Scotland used to celebrate April fool’s day for two days at a stretch. They made fun of people and also played pranks. All the victims of the pranks in Scotland were called as cuckoo birds. Now, this is something really funny, right?

3. In England

There is a strange tradition of playing an April fool’s prank in England. The pranks are played only in the morning of first of April. So, that means one cannot play pranks after morning. Whoever started this tradition of playing pranks in the morning was actually a morning person. Well, your guess is as good as us.

4. The name calling

Another tradition which started in England on April fool’s day is rather funny in a way. There is a name calling thing of victims who get fooled by the pranksters on the same day. So, instead of calling a fool, people of England use words like ‘noodle’ and ‘nobby’. Some people also call ‘gobby’ which ideally means a fool. This is too funny!

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