14 Water Element Personality Traits

14 Water Element Personality Traits

As we know there are four elements in nature – namely air, earth, fire and water. Each of these elements is associated with three zodiac signs. Thus, everyone is born under one of the elements. The three zodiac signs that fall under the water element are Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces. While Cancer is cardinal, Scorpio is fixed and Pisces is mutable. But what are people under the water element like? Let’s take a look at some water element personality traits.

1. People born under water element are often emotional by nature. Like water, their flow of emotions keeps changing. But, they know how to manage their emotions depending on the situations.

2. They are really observant and attentive by nature. Water element people are generally calm with their feelings. They can express their emotions in different forms.

3. As water is amorphous but has different shades, the same goes for water element people. They express their feelings through different mediums. That is the reason; they make great artists and painters. They are very creative by nature.

4. As water, people born under this element are highly secretive by nature. They have their own perceptions and beliefs in life. They might be shy at one point and talkative at the other.

5. They are very dreamy, when it comes to emotions.

6. Like water, they have a very calming effect on people they meet.

7. They are intuitive in their approach towards life; they tend to excel in whatever they do.

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