5 Interesting Facts about the Thanksgiving Turkey

5 Interesting Facts about the Thanksgiving Turkey

‘Turkey’ brings back fondest memories of watching the TV series ‘Friends’ and the interesting episodes planned around turkey day. Whether it is Joey finishing an entire turkey in one sitting or Monica with a turkey head and funny, red glasses; this only reminds us that Thanksgiving is not complete without the delicious turkey meat. Here are 5 interesting facts about the Thanksgiving turkey.

1.The turkey is not exactly traditional

When Thanksgiving was celebrated for the first time in 1621, it did not consist of the things we usually prepare during thanksgiving today, like turkey, mashed potatoes, pie, and cranberries. The things prepared were deer and rabbit. Later on when traditions changed, the Thanksgiving menu also saw a few changes. These days, the turkey is the most important part of the celebration.

2. The turkey dance emerged in the 1900s

The turkey dance is not as famous as the chicken dance but still it is popular since the 1900’s. It is a two step move modeled after the turkey’s short and jerky steps. This dance style emerged in the U.S.

3. Turkey is the most consumed food on Thanksgiving

Studies reveal that Americans consume approximately 46 million turkeys on Thanksgiving Day. They spend approximately 875 million dollars on buying turkeys for Thanksgiving Day feast.

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