6 Foods Which Signify Thanksgiving

6 Foods Which Signify Thanksgiving

Have you ever noticed that although the number of dishes vary and the size of the portions differ According to the number of people who are at the table, the basic ingredients have remained the same for a number of years? This is because we associate Thanksgiving with certain foods. This tradition started with the early settlers, or the pilgrims who received food from the native people and started cultivating food as taught by the native people of the country. Although a lot of myths and additions have been added to the thanksgiving meal every year, the fact that has been the same has been the inclusion of certain traditional food items. You can see these traditional foods sitting at the table year after year in different forms and sizes. Some of the foods that signify Thanksgiving are

1. Turkey

It has become so synonymous with thanksgiving that no one can imagine a Thanksgiving meal without it. It occupies the pride of the place at the centre of the table and any other dish that is on the table is only looked upon as an accompaniment to the turkey. Think a whole roasted turkey and automatically you would relate it to Thanksgiving.

2. Berries, especially cranberries

The early accounts of what the pilgrims had for their Thanksgiving meal included Berries and probably is a reason why we choose to include cranberries in as many dishes as possible. We eat them raw, we eat them in out desserts, we use the sauce for our main dishes and we just try to include it in some way or the other for the meal. After turkey, cranberries are the most used in a Thanksgiving meal.

3. Pumpkins

Maybe it is because it comes soon after Halloween and a lot of us have pumpkins that we have not thrown away, or maybe other reasons, but pumpkins also have a part to play in the Thanksgiving meal. After Halloween, it’s on Thanksgiving Day that we see Pumpkins being used at this level. We have pumpkin pie, pumpkin soup and even pumpkin cakes for the Thanksgiving meal.

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