Do You Have A Reliable Friend?

DDo You Have Reliable Friends?

Friendship is an essential part of every happy life. Friends are the people we share our special moments with; we share our happiness and our sorrows with. Being close to each other all the time is not enough. Sometimes, we get into situations where we become dependable on others. At such times, we need a friend on whom we can rely upon and trust. Let us take a look at some ways how you’d come to know if you have such a friend.

One of the best ways to know if your friend is reliable is by finding out how he/she handles his/her money. Financial issues may be very uncomfortable to discuss about. But the fact is, most of the times, when you need help, you actually need financial help. A reliable friend is the one who would be willing to lend you money, if you badly need it.

A reliable friend would not feel offended if they had to pay for you at a restaurant, in case you have forgotten your wallet. You could promise to pay back later or pay for your next lunch together. But, such a situation would not even affect a true friend.

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