7 Interesting Facts About Chelsea Clinton Who is Pregnant

Interesting Facts About Chelsea Clinton Who is Pregnant

Chelsea Clinton, the only child of former president bill Clinton and former United States secretary of state has recently announced her pregnancy and this has brought her into the spotlight once more. The world and America was introduced to Chelsea when her dad became the president of the country and she literally grew up in the spotlight. Her teen life was covered by the media and apart from very rare teenage rebellion and awkward movements she behaved quite properly given the amount the attention she and her famous parents received. She also transformed herself completely from being a gawky teenager with unruly curls to a fine and polished woman. Ever since the announcement of her pregnancy, there has been speculation about a lot of things. Here are some interesting facts about Chelsea and how her pregnancy announcement has set a lot of speculations and commentary in the media. It also makes one wonder what the big deal is about her pregnancy.

1. Chelsea is an only kid and also the only grandchild to both her grandparents

Being an only child and also pampered by her grandparents would make anyone spoilt and arrogant. But we hear no such news of Chelsea who had more or less a privileged upbringing. Her father Bill Clinton was already a governor when she was born.

2. Although she went to public schools for most part, she was put into a private school once the Clinton’s moved into the white house

This move also brought with it a lot of criticism. Although many presidential offspring have gone to private schools, this move by Chelsea and her parents came under a lot of criticism and that must have been pretty difficult to deal with as a teenager.

3. Chelsea is academically proficient

She has as slew of degrees from some of the most prestigious universities in the country and is currently pursuing her PhD in Public health. She also has served on the boards of some very prestigious institutions and has worked her way through like any other kid.

4. She behaved with such maturity even when her dad was hounded by the media for his transgressions while in office

It was remarkable to see her maturity when her father was hounded by the media and everyone else over his affair with Lewinsky. She did not act out or act up and the family stoof behind Clinton.

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