Babysitting Games for Kids 11 and Older

Babysitting Games for Kids 11 and Older

Babysitting can be made fun if the right activities are planned for kids based on their age group. There are a number of babysitting games that can be categorized for children of different ages. Babysitting children aged 11 years or more is not as easy as it sounds, but with careful planning, a wide range of babysitting games and activities can be used to engage these kids.

1. Outdoor games

Children aged 11 years and more love to play outdoor games. If there are many kids in this age group, team based outdoor games can be planned. This improves the team spirit in kids, and also teaches them to interact with other kids. If you have a large backyard, you can use it as a mini golf course. The holes can be created from paper or plastic cups. Baseball bats can be used as golf clubs, and tennis balls as golf balls. Or you can play volleyball, lawn tennis, badminton or such other games.

2. Video games

Boys love to play video games. Plan to stock up a range of video games. If you have Wii games at home, then they are the best games to keep the kids going for the whole day. See to it that the kids are not glued to their video games continuously for the entire day, as it is not good for their eyes.

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