4 Ways Kids can Stand Up to Bullying in School

Ways Kids can Stand Up to Bullying in School

Bullying is the worst form of torture your kid can experience in school. Your kid can get bullied if she or he looks different from the rest, if the kid is small or if your kid is new to the school. Often times, intelligent and nerdy kids also get bullied as the bullies see them as a threat and see them for something they are not. In all likeliness, your kid would not tell you that he or she is being bullied in school. There would be a sense of pride in your kid that would make it difficult for them to confide in you. There is also the fear that the kid might be ostracized in school for telling on the bully. It is your job as a parent to know when your kid is being bullied by reading the subtle and not so subtle signs and also helping the kid to deal with the bullies at school. Here are some ways kids can stand up to bullying in school.

1. They can ignore the bully

A bully gets all the more worked up when he or she finds out that all the bullying is going to bring out some kind of a reaction from your kid. Usually crying and giving away the lunch money encourages the bully. Teach your kid to ignore the bully. Chances are that the bully would get bored after a while and stop tormenting your kid. Also make sure that your kid knows not to take these things to heart.

2. They should know when to take the bullying to the teachers or the parents

The kids should also know when it is the right time to take the bullying to the parents or the teachers. Mild bullying can be managed by just standing up to them or embarrassing them. Let your kid know that it is ok to use strong words if it keeps the bully away. The bigger problems however must be brought to the notice of the parents or the teachers. Big problems arise when the bullying gets physical and your kid comes back home every day with bruises.

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