4 Benefits of Doing Push Ups Daily

Benefits of Doing Push Ups Daily

An exercise that you can and should do every day, something that can be done at the comfort of your room or outdoors, an exercise that makes you stronger, yes we are talking about doing push ups every day. It is an easy exercise once you get going and no other exercise does you so much good as the simple push ups. It works beautifully for both women and men alike and you should motivate yourself to do at least 30 to 100 push ups every day. You start by ding a few and gradually increase the number of push ups you do. You do not have to worry about doing it in the morning or the night as both are good. Just make sure you do not do those exercises after a meal as it may cause some discomfort. Here are some benefits of doing push ups every single day.

1. It makes your upper body very strong

When you do push ups you are working on all parts of your upper body. You are strengthening your neck, your shoulders, your arms as well as the whole of your torso. It is especially important for women to do push ups as many times a day as it helps get rid of the wiggly muscles in your arms. Those butterfly wings that sprout when you are waving can get and look pretty bad and the best way to get rid of those is by doing the push ups.

2. It does not need expensive equipment or membership in a gym

It is one of those very simple exercises that do not call for equipment or membership in a gym. You can do it anywhere in the house as long as you have a flat, hard surface and enough space. Find a spot where there is not much interference and do as many as you can to make yourself stronger, leaner and fitter.

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