5 Ways on How to Help Your Child Overcome Jealousy of a New Baby

5 Ways on How to Help Your Child Overcome Jealousy of a New Baby

The first child is the prince/princess of your home. The arrival of a new baby can seem like a threat to your child’s kingdom. In this scenario, it is your responsibility to make your child feel secure so that he/she can embrace the new baby with love and affection. Here’s how you can help your child overcome jealousy of a new baby.

1. Don’t ignore your older child’s needs

A new baby obviously needs a lot of attention and care but that shouldn’t make you ignore your older child’s needs. Rather he needs extra love, care and attention so as to feel secure about your love in his life. So make sure he doesn’t feel neglected. This will breed jealousy in his mind.

2. Involve your older child in taking care of the new baby

Involve your older child in daily activities like bringing the baby’s sheets from the cupboard, singing lullabies and the likes. This will help them bond together emotionally. This will also make your older child feel special and useful. All this will help him overcome jealousy of the new baby.

3. Let your older child play with the baby’s toys

Don’t stop your older child from playing with the baby’s toys thinking that he’s too old for them. He’s simply curious, so let him open gifts and have a look at toys for the baby. This will inculcate the spirit of sharing in him. It will also reduce feelings of jealousy.

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