5 Fashion Tips for Curvy Women

5 Fashion Tips for Curvy Women

Do not get embarrassed if you have a voluptuous body. You too can look fashionable. There are many fashion tips for those who have a heavy upper body. How will you choose the right dress is the question? Well, right choice of dresses can make you look sexy and fashionable. Enlisted here are some fashion tips for a voluptuous body, read on.

1. Do not wear dark colors

For a voluptuous body, concentration on areas where flab is less is important. Choose dresses that are light in color. Dark colored dresses can highlight your upper body, making you look fat. Choose neutral colored dresses that can make you look thin. In addition, pay heed to the fitting part, because that plays an important role in making you look good.

2. Choose straight or pencil skirts

This is another fashion tip for women who have a voluptuous body. Choose pencil skirts or straight skirts with a heavy upper portion. Team it up with loose silk blouses, or chiffon blouses. This will look good on a casual basis. Accentuate your choice by wearing a fashionable scarf, a perfect fashion tip for a voluptuous body.

3. Choose delicate jewelry

Choose delicate jewelry such as chains or small pendants. Avoid wearing junk or bigger jewelry pieces if you have a voluptuous body. This will make the upper body look heavier.

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