How To Get The Inviting Look?

How To Get The Inviting Look?

It is said that you can say a lot about a person by looking into their eyes. Your eyes are a window to your mind, body and your thoughts. To get an inviting look, it is very important that your eye makeup is done perfectly. This will lure in gazes, which are at your command. Here are some easy and simple steps you can follow on a regular basis to make your eyes look sensual, elegant, sexy and irresistible.

Mascara tip

If applied in the right way, mascara can do magic to your lashes. It is easy to overlook the effects of clumps or strands of mascara leftover in between lashes. Learn the right way! While applying mascara, start at the base of the lashes, give it a gentle wriggle and then move towards the end of the lashes with the lash comb. If there is excess mascara on your lash comb or your wand, remove it with a tissue. Try not to blink during application. This will ensure that the mascara does not stick to the eyelid. If you want to apply a second coat of mascara for thicker lashes, do it before the first coat dries off, else you will end up with clumps in the lashes.

Eyeliner tip

To give your eyes a strong definition, use eyeliner. But remember this golden rule – a thin but strong line of black, brown or beige will give your eyes a strong definition. Start from the inside corner and pull outwards, angled towards the lashes. For a subtle definition, go for a lighter application.

Puffy worries

Long days of work can make the eyes look puffy, and they are a big turn off. For immediate remedial action, apart from application of creams/gels, use effective natural remedies. Try compressing thin cold cucumber slices over closed eyes. This immediately relieves sore and puffy eyes. Another simple trick is to run a metal spoon under very cold water and place the same on the puffy area. You can also do this with a bag of ice cubes. Anything cold will provide relief from puffy eyes.

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