6 Great Reasons to Drink Coffee

6 Great Reasons to Drink Coffee

Coffee has gained popularity as a beverage across the globe. People generally gulp down coffee to stay awake, socialize, get recharged or to simply kick start their morning. If you are a tea drinker, here are a few reasons that will make you feel like drinking coffee instead.

1. Coffee can kick start a slow day

One of the reasons why people drink coffee is to get stimulated. The caffeine present in coffee is known to activate hormones including cortisone and adrenaline. A surge of these hormones make you feel alive, alert and recharged. If you are experiencing a lull in creativity or are having a slow and boring day, stir things up with a cup of coffee. You will feel energized and active again.

2. Coffee can help you make conversation with others

If you take into consideration non-alcoholic beverages, you are likely to find more people drinking coffee rather than tea in a professional or casual setting. If you don’t drink coffee, you may become the odd one out from a group of classmates, friends or colleagues. Drinking coffee will help you get along with more people and put you at ease when you have to hang out at coffee joints like Starbucks.

3. Coffee is rich in antioxidants

Many studies show that coffee beans are rich in antioxidants. And it is further claimed that the number of antioxidants increase when coffee beans are roasted to make them consumable. Antioxidants are known to eliminate cancer causing free radicals, reduce inflammation and repair cell damage in the skin. So here is one amazing reason why you should drink coffee.

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