How to Get Rid of Dark Underarms?

How to Get Rid of Dark Underarms?

Do you dread the thought of wearing that trendy tube top you fondly purchased last Christmas, or sporting that bikini on a bright sunny day; reason being your discolored armpits? Many women suffer from underarm discoloration which causes immense embarrassment and discomfort. Underarm discoloration refers to darkening of the armpit skin due to various reasons like build up of dead cells in the armpits, hyper pigmentation of skin, excessive sweating, tight clothing, reaction to chemicals in deodorants, talcum powder, hair removing creams or shaving. It may also be indicative of an underlying medical condition called acanthosis nigricans which is marked by a high insulin level, and predominantly observed in overweight people. Hormonal changes and some other medical conditions may also be at the root of underarm discoloration. Underarm discoloration, although a seemingly daunting skin condition, can be cured,reduced or prevented. Learn how to get rid of dark underarms with the following remedies and precautions.

1. Exfoliate

Try exfoliating underarms twice or thrice every week with a gentle exfoliant. Baking soda, lemons are considered effective skin lightening agents. Exfoliants containing alpha and/or beta hydroxy acids have good results in reducing the same.

2. Wax instead of shaving

Avoiding shaving as it can leave behind traces of sub-surface hair which give underarms a darker appearance. Waxing or plucking help remove hair from the roots, thus giving the underarms a clean, hair free surface.

3. Replace irritation causing products

Avoid using anti perspirants, deodorants, talcum powders, hair removal creams containing harsh chemicals as they cause skin irritation which leads to discoloration. Instead, opt for deodorants, organic powders (with mild fragrance) which are natural and made with plant based materials which are alcohol free. These products are easily available at leading drug stores and online shops.

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