What is Cryotherapy? Know all about it.

What is Cryotherapy? Know all about it.

Cryotherapy is used to remove skin lesions such as warts, lentigens, actinic keratoses, spots and other skin lesions too. It is an inexpensive, safe and easy procedure that is performed using liquid nitrogen at the temperature of -196 degrees centigrade. Sometimes carbon dioxide snow is also used for cryotherapy. The liquid is applied for a few seconds on the spot and it burns away the lesion.

You may experience some swelling or blisters which are treated with antibiotics or steroids. But within a few days the skin becomes normal and heals, thus showing no signs of the earlier lesion. Sometimes, the skin looks lighter than the surrounding skin.

Thus, you should discuss all the issues of cryotherapy with your doctor before he/she performs it.

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