7 Signs You are Addicted to Your Lip Balm

7 Signs You are Addicted to Your Lip Balm

Too much of anything is bad, and your lip balm is no exception. Yes, you heard it right. Something as soothing as a lip balm can also create problems for you if you become addicted to it. It is quite possible to become a ‘lip balm’ addict. Here’s a list of 7 signs that show you might be addicted

1. Every time you go shopping, you are sure to pick up a lip balm

Whether you need it or not, you make sure you buy a lip balm. So much so that you can officially be classified as the lip balm collector.

2. You often check out new products for lip care on the net and in supermarkets

You are forever checking about what’s new in the market for lip moisturizing and care. You stand near the lip balm aisles reading about them in supermarkets. No doubt, you are an addict!

3. You apply lip balm for more than 7-8 times in a day

Applying it once or twice in a day is fine. If your lips are too dry and need more care, then probably 3-4 times is acceptable. But using the lip balm for more than 7 -8 times in a day is definitely a warning sign that indicates lip balm addiction.

4. You never forget to carry your lip balm

Wherever you go, you make sure your lip balm is with you.

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