10 Facts You Should Know Before Getting Tanned

10 Facts You Should Know Before Getting Tanned

We women seem to have a love-hate relationship with tanning and tanning parlors, don’t we? We love them for the beautiful tone our skins get, but we hate them for the risks involved. Let’s look at the 10 tanning facts that you must know before you go for your tanning session.

Tanning fact #1

Your skin tans because it is damaged. Yes, that’s right, tanning is a sign of skin damage. Every woman should know this tanning fact so that we’re not mislead by advertisements claiming ‘safe-tan’ services.

Tanning fact #2

If you are a fan of tanning, you will not like this tanning fact but we think that you should know this. ‘Melanin’ is an element in the skin which gives the dark color. Melanin is produced when your skin faces damage from UV radiation. So remember friends, when your skin has a darker color due to tanning, it is a sign of damage from UV radiation.

Tanning fact #3

Tanning is a result of your skin’s exposure to UV radiation which may lead to skin cancer. Keep this tanning fact in mind and know that dark colored skin is not worth the increased risk of skin cancer, is it?

Tanning fact #4

Apart from increasing the risk of skin cancer, tanning is also known to promote aging. Surprised? Don’t be. Tanning will expose you to harmful UV radiation which may accelerate the process of aging.

Tanning fact #5

Have you been led to believe that tanning in the solarium is safe? That’s not true, girls. Tanning booths, tanning beds or sun beds are some of the other names that solarium owners use. These tanning methods also use UV radiation which is harmful to the skin. Know your tanning facts before you head into that solarium.

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