How to Get a Man to Commit?

How to Get a Man to Commit?

How to get him to commit is one question that must have come to your mind at some or the other point in life. So, you are confused about how to do it the right way. What if he runs off if you ask this question at the wrong time? However, the secret is to use a few right tricks at the right moment and he will automatically kneel before you, ring in hand and ask the question you have been dying to hear!

1. Let him chase you

Don’t be the one to make calls to him. Let him pursue you, because that’s what men are supposed to do when in a relationship!

2. Never ask where the relationship stands

This is a dangerous question for a relationship for it takes the control out of your hands and gives him the upper hand on deciding the future of your relationship and this isn’t what you are looking out for.

3. Go on a vacation

If you leave for a vacation with your girl friends who are single, that is bound to make him suspicious as well as nervous. He won’t expect you to sit pretty while your friends party. This will give him a cue to talk to you about your relationship, just because he doesn’t want you to cheat.

4. Don’t give him an ultimatum

Never make the mistake of asking him the ‘do or die’ question. In other words, don’t say that you want him to commit and if he does not, then the relationship is over.

5. Try not to be exclusive

A man can feel it if you’re constantly thinking about the relationship and have an eye on just one thing – commitment. This can disturb him and take him away from you.

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