6 Reasons Kim Kardashian is Famous

6 Reasons Kim Kardashian is Famous

Kim Kardashian, Kim K, pretty, highly ambitious and driven, she has branded herself so well as to create a multi-million industry based on her alone. She has launched perfumes; clothing lines and has a successful reality show that follows her every move. But after so many years of looking at her and following her family online and on TV, one really can’t pinpoint one reason as to why she has become so famous. Not every reality TV star is so famous and no one stays famous in spite of the many fashion faux paus either. But she still is famous and here are some possible reasons.

1. She is beautiful

She is exotic and beautiful. Voluptuous, dark haired with a sexy pout, she is different from the many other celebrities who look very similar.

2. She feeds to our inner voyeurs

Not many of us can honestly say that we do not indulge in voyeurism at least once in our lives. Kim Kardashian exploits this to her advantage and keeps her famous slot intact.

3. She is everywhere

Out of sight is out of mind. Kim K has taken this quite seriously and makes sure she makes news every single day. If she is not tweeting selfies, she’s endorsing anything from cereals to shampoos.

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