10 Ways To Prepare Healthy Snacks

10 Ways To Prepare Healthy Snacks

We brought together 4 women, all mothers, who have many healthy snacks ideas up their sleeves. Let’s find out what these loving mothers fix up for their family that makes their food healthy, nutrient packed and delicious.

Maggie, 44, a mother of two said, “Kids don’t seem to buy the idea of eating fresh fruits and vegetables. You can change that around by giving them fresh fruits in their lunch boxes. Fresh fruits are a great, healthy snack idea because they are colorful, nutritious and vitamin packed. Plus, they can be consumed without a huge mess”.

Kim, 38, mentioned, “Everyone in my family loves watching movies at home and when they’re doing that, they don’t care what’s served in the platter. So, I have an advantage; I can serve nutritious food without them noticing it”, winked Kim. “I had to come up with healthy snacks ideas to suit everyone’s taste while keeping in mind the health impact. I love serving my husband and kids with fresh veggies like carrots or celery sticks with light dips. It is high on the taste meter as well as the health meter. Can’t get any better, can it?” Everyone loved Kim’s idea.

“Fresh smoothies are one of the best healthy snacks ideas that I’ve come across”, said Mona, 40, a mother of 3. “Nothing can get better than a thick smoothie made from fresh strawberry, banana, peach, apricot or other fruits. You can add some low fat yogurt or light milk to the blender to get the right texture”, she added.

To everyone’s surprise, Maggie asked “Do you know even a pizza can be a nice healthy snack idea?” We were confused and asked Maggie to explain. “Who said pizzas have to be unhealthy and fattening always? Prepare a light and crispy dough and then top it off with your favorite pizza sauce. Add freshly chopped tomatoes, capsicum, olives, garlic and fresh little chunks of mozzarella cheese. Bake the pizza until it is crisp and serve to the delight of friends and family”, said Maggie. We love the idea of a healthy pizza, don’t you?

“Another great healthy snack idea is sticking to the basics of cereal and low fat milk. Try to make healthy cereal choices like oatmeal bars or ones with fruits and nuts”, said Kim. “Yes, I like this idea because a cereal snack is easy to prepare and is totally hassle free”, said Mona.

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