How to Flirt Over Text to Grab His Attention?

How to Flirt Over Text to Grab His Attention?

Flirting and grabbing attention has become so much easier due to mobile phones, the Internet and latest technology! Isn’t it? The biggest advantage of flirting through text messages is that you have the freedom of expression. You can be more expressive and do not have to utter stupid things or get tongue tied in your nervousness. Make your text messages clear but before that, know the guy. Know what he likes and what kind of a guy he is. Here are some more tips on how to flirt over text.

1. Pay him genuine compliments

Do not say that he is the smartest in the world. Both of you know that is not true. He will just hit the delete button. Say you love the color of his t-shirt or say you find him strong and dependable. Say something about his bike because guys are suckers for their muscle machines. Guys think highly of a girl who understands bikes and will surely want to continue the conversation.

2. Use emoticons to show your emotions

Put a blushing little face when you pay him a compliment. Different smileys help portray different emotions. So, use them to the hilt. Ensure that when the guy reads your messages, he cannot help but smile.

3. Use your sense of humor

If there is one thing that can really bowl any guy over, it is a girl with an awesome sense of humor. So, once in a while, text awesome jokes. Not the silly girly ones, but ones that he can relate to.

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