6 Reasons Why Guys Love Jennifer Lawrence

6 Reasons Why Guys Love Jennifer Lawrence

The American actress has risen from obscurity to be in the glam world of Hollywood. But she is just not a dolled up beauty. Her performances speak volumes for her. So let’s find out what’s it about this 21 year old that guys love. Presenting to you 6 reasons why guys love Jennifer Lawrence.

1. She is an amazing actress

She decided on being an actress when she was just 14. From then, there was no looking back for this young lady. She has worked in quite a few television series like ‘The Bill Engvall Show’, ‘The Devil You Know’ and ‘Monk’, among a few others. She has also been nominated for an Oscar for Best Actress for her lead role in ‘Winter’s Bone’ in 2010, making herself the 2nd youngest actress to be nominated at the prestigious award.

2. She has a beautiful body

She maintains herself well and that clearly shows in her skin, her marvelous figure and the way she carries herself. Moreover, she achieves all this without sticking to a salad-and-juice diet or anything similar.

3. She is on many ‘power’ lists

She has made it to Hollywood’s hi-fi lists such as People magazine’s ‘Most Beautiful People in the World in 2011’ and Variety’s ‘Top Ten Actors to Watch in 2010’. Her acting feats have got her a place in the ‘Top 99 Women of 2012’ of Ask Men too. She ranks #47 on the list. She is also voted #10 on Maxim’s list of the ‘Hot 100 women in 2011’. Isn’t that good enough for guys?

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