5 Unique Christmas Party Menu Ideas

5 Unique Christmas Party Menu Ideas

If you love to make your Christmas party a tad different, then do try some unique party menu ideas. Traditional recipes may be good, but a new menu would be a surprise for all the people who come at your place. So, here are some party menu ideas you may choose from.

1. Grand plan for the party

If you are organizing a small party at your place, then do opt for a grand menu party idea. Like, you can start with blue salad and bell pepper soup. The menu style is grand, so choose sweet onion pudding along with roasted asparagus. Yeast rolls can be served as a dish in your grand main menu. No menu ends without the sweet dish. So, opt for cream coconut pound cake as a sweet dish for your menu. This would complete your menu and would make your guests smile.

2. Cozy family dinner

A cozy family dinner is all about sharing the time with your family and friends. Start your menu with cheese pesto crostini. For the main dish, it is always a good idea to choose Brussels sprouts for Christmas. Give this a new twist and choose bacon brown Brussels sprouts. Compliment your Christmas menu with squash risotto. If you don’t want to keep cake and chocolates in your Christmas menu, then simply opt for Shortbread Christmas cookies.

3. Casual gathering for Christmas

It takes a lot to think about casual dinner gathering for Christmas. Start your menu with the holiday roast along with gravy of your choice. Opt for Brussels sprouts with a fruit of your choice. Apple is a good option for your Christmas menu. Keep two things sweet as this is a casual Christmas Menu. White chocolate and cranberry pudding will compliment your menu. You may also opt for sugar cranberry along with mint. This would be a wonderful combination as well.

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