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How To Compliment A Man

He will tell you a million times that compliments do not affect him and that he would be happier without them. He would also try and tell you that it is a girl thing...

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7 Ways to Get His Attention

Do you have a crush on a guy in your office? Do you want to impress a guy at school? Do you want your best friend’s brother to notice you? Here are a few...

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6 Ways to Bond With Your Boss

Bonding with your boss at work is important because he or she is the person you are likely to spend a lot of time with. But creating this bond can also be difficult because...

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7 Ways to be More Charismatic

Who does not want to be liked? Who does not want to be popular? Who does not want to have a magnetic personality? Well, though all of us want all this, most of us...

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9 Tips to be Outgoing

If you are shy and reserved by nature, then shed your inhibitions, because you too can be outgoing. It all depends on your thinking. If you make an effort, everything is possible including socializing....

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7 Ways to Make a Nerdy Guy Like You Instantly

If you are one of those women who have a thing for nerdy guys, you have signed up for some extra hard work. Nerdy guys can be really caring and can dote on you...

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8 Ways to Become the Life of the Party

Parties are fun. They are even more fun when you are not out feeling shy and embarrassed most of the time. Introverts might sometimes have a great problem facing the party atmosphere. However, it...

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7 Things to Look for in Your Perfect Match

What are the things that make up a perfect match? Good looks, intelligence or character – well all these things are surely important. But there are many other things that also make a perfect...

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7 Tips for Texting Your Crush

Texting has made our life simpler and it is a very quick way to communicate, but sending a text to your crush is something complicated and you should be very smart and witty while...

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6 Tips to Make a Guy Crazy for You

Falling in love is spontaneous. But attraction is an art in itself. Knowing how to make a guy crazy for you, could be your first step to securing that spontaneous love you have always...