10 New Fashion Trends this Summer

New Fashion Trends this Summer

We love summers because it is that time of the year when days are long and they are no longer gloomy. This is also the season for flowers to bloom. You need to go for brunches with your girlfriends, or for picnics in parks. A nice dip in the swimming pool everyday is also welcome. Summers are the time when you can take out all those pretty colors from your wardrobe, and wear them fearlessly. Trends change each year, and this summer, dressing down is the thing to do. Keep it as natural as possible, and say no to those chunky and loud accessories. Casual look is what this summer is all about. Subtle colors with nude makeup or rather no makeup is both soothing and attractive. One can never go wrong with pleasant colors. You should look sun kissed and stunning. The attempt should be to bring in a breath of fresh air with your attire. Here are a few fashion trends to try out this summer.

1. Go for pretty pastels

Pastels are always soothing to the eyes. Go for both floral and fruity pastels. Nude pastels are also very in. Get some lavender, peach, lilac, cream, light browns for your wardrobe. They always enhance your beauty. They will make you look subtle and smart. However, the important thing to remember is that since these colors are extremely relaxed and casual, one has to make up for it by extremely smart tailoring. Ill fitted pastel clothes look like night dresses and you would not want to look like you have just gotten out of the bed.

2. Wear cropped tops or jackets

The best part of a cropped top is that it looks good on any kind of body type. Seriously! If you feel that you do not have a flattering tummy, then you can team it up with a high waisted trouser or skirt. It will hide the bulge and yet show off the right amount of skin. Also, it is really airy and comfortable. At the end of the day, if you are confident inside, then you can carry any kind of outfit. You can go for a well fitted crop top or one of those really loose tops with well fitted pants. In fact, a smart crop top will also go with your ice-blue boyfriend jeans. If the jeans is torn and rugged, then it’s even better!

3. Pull on wide-legged trousers

Yes, they have been in fashion for quite some time now. But there are still so many styles and variations to it that have not been tried yet. You could go for a sailor fit, or you could go in for quarter-length wide-legged pants. They are all hep and smart. Printed ones can give you a slightly bohemian look too. In fact, these would go very well with your crop tops or t-backs. Be it denim, linen or simple cotton trousers, they all look quite good.

4. Take out all things floral

Flowers are always a hit during spring and summers. Be it floral dresses, or those pretty floral tops, pull them out this season with a lot of love. Floral prints on trousers are also a massive hit this summer. There are so many kinds of floral dresses you can try this season that look both chic and elegant. You can team them up with nude strappy sandals, smart boots, or even bright pumps. Add a tan colored bag with with it, and you have the whole look ready.

5. Get the perfect pair of shades

Summers are the time to purchase good shades or sunglasses. Don’t go in for completely black glasses this summer, as they give you a very sharp look. Instead, go for slightly brown or almost translucent glasses. Since dressing down is the trend for the summer, go for glasses that do not make a loud statement. Try interesting circle-shaped lenses, aviators, wayfarers with golden rims and interesting patterns to add to your glamor quotient.

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