5 Chemical Hair Treatments that Cause the Most Damage

Chemical Hair Treatments that Cause the Most Damage

No one wants to be stuck with the same hairstyle forever. At least once in our lives we try a different hairstyle and it is not just the cut but you can style your hair in a lot of other ways. You can get a perm, straighten your hair or get it dyed and bleached. No matter what you do, you will have to understand the damaging of chemical treatments on your hair and on your scalp. Some can even cause allergic reactions to your body as a whole. Whether you do it once in a while or get your hair styled constantly, here are some facts about chemical treatments that let you know how they cause a lot of damage to your hair. Knowing makes a lot of difference between having healthy and stylish hair and damaged bad looking hair.

1. Chemical perms

Perming is not curling your hair but straightening it as well. Although the results of both are obviously different, the process is similar and the damage caused is also almost the same. Both use a lot of chemicals and intense heat to set your hair. Also the natural bonds of your hair are altered to reform it. This makes your hair susceptible to future damage. Also the more you straighten your hair, the more hair fall and breakage you will notice. You need to give your hair and scalp time to breathe before you get another perm.

2. Chemical relaxers

Just like chemical perms, chemical relaxers are another way to shape your hair. This also works by breaking the natural bonds in your hair to shape them into a new form. Because they have to penetrate the hair to make the changes, it also affects the elasticity and the strength of your hair. The chemicals used can also cause itching and other irritations on your scalp and skin that comes into contact with it. Further ironing will only cause more damage.

3. Keratin straightening

It can be both good and bad for your hair. While the protein in Keratin treatments strengthens your hair, some Keratin treatments will have a large concentration of formaldehyde which is a carcinogen. Take care of the noxious fumes from formaldehyde and also moisturize and condition your hair so it can cope up with the intense heat.

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