6 Ways to Avoid Anxiety in Life

Ways to Avoid Anxiety in Life

Anxiety in life is no longer a rarity; neither is it confined only to grown-ups. Even school children suffer from the stress and anxiety of examinations. For adults, it is almost an everyday phenomenon, which we eventually get used to, though we should not. But the problem arises when anxiety gets the better of us and begins to control our lives. Whether you get anxious most of the time or not, you should be in control of your mind at all times. When you do what needs to be done to deal with anxiety, it becomes less of a menace and you can handle stress easily as well. Listed below are the top 6 ways to avoid anxiety in life.

1. Practice deep breathing

Deep breathing exercises are a great way to avert anxiety and related mental stress. Deep breathing allows more oxygen to your brain and clears your mind of all kinds of negative thoughts. You are basically cleansed of all pessimistic thoughts and ideas, which ultimately make way for positive thoughts and happier emotions. Practicing deep breathing will thus help you deal with anxiety quite effectively.

2. Don’t be in denial

When you are anxious, accept it instead of trying to pretend that you are nonchalant. You do not need to show to the world that nothing matters to you or that you are “cool” or anything. If you try to make believe that you are not anxious while in reality you are, you will be doing more damage to yourself. Do not be under the illusion that being anxious is a disease or that you are going crazy. Anxiety is just an emotional response and like every emotion, it too shall pass.

3. Remind yourself that your brain is being deceptive

Remember that when you are anxious, it is actually your brain playing tricks with you. It convinces you to believe that something is terribly and irrevocably wrong, and that all hell is breaking loose, whereas in reality nothing really happens. When anxious, your brain makes you see things and perceive them in the most negative way you could imagine. So instead of allowing your emotions to flow along with your anxiousness, take a step back and remind yourself that it is just your brain being deceptive and nothing else.

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