8 Fun Facts to Know If You are Born in May

8 Fun Facts to Know If You are Born in May

If you are looking for some fun facts regarding your birth month and you happen to have your birthday in May, you are at the right place.

1. The origin

May was originally termed Maius and was the third month of the Roman calendar before the Gregorian calendar came into being making it the fifth month. The term Maius in turn was a reference to the Greek goddess Maia.

2. Star sign

People born in the month of May belong to the zodiac sign Taurus if their birthday falls on or before May 21 or else Gemini in case their birthday is after May 21.

3. Birth flower

The birth flower for the month of May is Lily of the Valley. Lily of the Valley is a scented bell shaped flower which symbolizes resilience, grace and love.

4. Birth stone

Emerald is the birthstone for May. Emerald is a green colored stone which stands for love and friendship.

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