5 Ways To Reduce The Distance Between You And Your Preteen

5 Ways To Reduce The Distance Between You And Your Preteen

Have you noticed that as kids start growing up, they start growing apart too? You don’t want to let that happen to you, right? Make the most of your time while your child is in his/her preteens. Because once your child enters his/her teenage, there’s no looking back.

1. Make sure you have one family meal in the day

Has your preteen begun to skip meals just to go over to his/her friends’ place, next door? That’s a clear sign your preteen wants to avoid being at home around family. Make it a rule to have one meal together at home. This will automatically allow you to spend some more time with your preteen.

2. Schedule a day out with your preteen

It could be something as simple as going out and buying groceries together. Or maybe going out for the movies with your preteen son or daughter. Preteens are likely to curl up inside their own shells and not speak to anyone. If you think the distance between you has grown, this will at least break the ice.

3. Invite his/her friends over

Your preteen will love it if they see you taking an interest in their friends and accepting them. Throw an impromptu party and let all your preteen’s friends mingle. Let them do a sleepover or two if need be. Accepting the way they are plays a huge role in enhancing your preteen’s confidence levels and relationship with you. You’d want that, don’t you?

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