6 Advantages Of Having An Older Brother

Advantages Of Having An Older Brother

Many complain that having a snarky and bossy older brother is one of the worst things to happen to a girl. However very often, we don’t seem to notice the rainbow shining right through the clouds. There are plenty of advantages of having an older brother. I have chosen some of the best reasons why I think having an older brother would in fact be a blessing. Intrigued? I’m pretty sure you would like to read through them.

1. You will have a protector

He will beat the crap out of a guy who acts mean to you. He will take care of you and make sure you are safe and sound. In short, your older brother will be like a second father to you, only a much cooler and younger father.

2. You will understand boys better

As you have an older brother in your house, you will understand how to deal with boys better. You will know what to expect when it comes to staying with boys and you will also be able to adjust easily with them. As a result, even the boys will feel more comfortable around you.

3. You will have more guy friends

Your older brother will have plenty of his guy friends coming over to your place. Many of them may be really nice to you as well. As a result, you will have more guy friends than other girls of your age. And none of these guys will dare to be mean to you, because you are their friend’s sister. That is the law of friendship among guys.

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