5 Annoying Things Celebrities Do

5 Annoying Things Celebrities Do

Entertaining, fun and always the talk of the town– these words aptly describe our celebrities. But sometimes celebrities can be pain, especially with people they are interacting with on a more regular basis. Call it work stress or having their lives torn apart before the paparazzi and the media, sometimes celebrities can be too finicky and picky from their water bottles to shooting dates. Here are 5 of the many annoying things that celebrities do.

1. Publicity stunts

Dropping their wardrobe, staging a wardrobe malfunction, tweeting and blogging nasty, sarcastic or irrelevant comments, even messing up a stage performance like burping on the mike, abusing and creating a raucous, are many of the stunts that they obviously pull on purpose to gather the attention of the people.

2. Secret to weight loss

Sometimes it’s very obvious that celebrities have lost oodles of weight– either to get into a bikini outfit, or just to fit into a role. Either ways it’s not a very smart idea to tell fans and media that they gorge on sweets, love junk food and they never diet to get in shape! Only working out may not be the reason. It gets annoying when most celebrities narrate the same speech.

3. Fussy with food and beverages

On the sets, some celebrities can be extremely fussy and throw tantrums. When they ask for coffee and it’s the wrong one, they will just throw it in the bin. Coke has to be diet coke and the helpers will need to run around just to satisfy them.

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