How Does Pollution Affect Your Hair And Skin?

How Does Pollution Affect Your Hair And Skin?

Modern lifestyle has resulted in many changes in our surroundings and our health. Since the last few decades, there has been a tremendous increase in the level of pollution and harmful gases in the environment. These harmful gases are taking a toll on our health. Most women have to face skin problems as well as dry n dull hair because of these harmful gases. Here we have listed a few problems that arise due to pollution.

The skin is the largest organ of the body. It works as a shield for the body and protects the inner organs from damage. But due to exposure to harmful gases, the skin itself gets damaged. As a result, many people have to suffer from skin problems and skin diseases. This issue is mostly faced by women who are either working or spend most of their time outside their homes because their skin is the one exposed more to pollution.

In order to protect the skin from pollution, you need to cover your skin as much as you can. Apply sunscreen lotion to the entire body, especially to the exposed areas. Wash your face at least twice or thrice in a day.

Every women longs for beautiful, healthy hair. But, on the contrary, frequent exposure to the sun and pollution has an adverse effect on hair, making it look dull and unhealthy. Excess hair loss is also a result of pollution. Pollution makes hair weak and more prone to damage.

To protect your hair from pollution, you need to wash your hair regularly. If it is possible, cover your head while going out. Trim your hair once in 2 or 3 months. Use the right shampoo.

Pollution can have extremely adverse effects on the body. But proper care and protection can be effective in preventing such damage, especially when it comes to your skin and hair.

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